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CollectingByWeb: a smooth  way to collect your invoices in full

Money is a delicate matter! A correct ,efficient invoicing system coupled with  a good structured Credit/debt management are crucial to safeguard a permanent and stable relationship with your customers. In order to maintain a good understanding with your debtors, appropriate measures have to be taken. When you decide to use CollectingByWeb for this, you will see  soon that you made the right choice.  

Get to know your client! 

First try not to lose time and do adapt a flexible approach ,founded on the trust in your client. There is no need to send a reminder to a regular prompt  payer; you know for sure  that the sum will be on time on your bank account . Action will be undertaken only when the debtor should deviate from his normal habit. It is just a question of adjusting parameters. For the group of the so called “clumsy” payers, you can install a “short run” recovery process. Hence, CollectingByWeb can be utilised both in a preventive and repressive way in order to get a prompt payment. 


CollectingByWeb goes out from a dynamic approach, by means of automatic dispatching of a payment reminder to the debtor, either by  post, per e-mail or per fax message. Debtor can, via an Internet link, check contents of the invoice in CollectingByWeb. In this respect, it is recommended to work via e-mail. Thanks to debtor’s digital reaction to a request, both an interactive and communicative process is getting started.   

Invoice, how come?

A debtor, who already did confirm acceptance of the invoice via BillingByWeb, cannot come back on his previous statement. If one chooses to go for CollectingByWeb only, then the possibility exists for the debtor to ask the creditor for a copy of the invoice or to ask for an additional talk with the creditor in order to debate what is the exact problem on the invoice.  Quite often, it will suffice to send the invoice in PDF format to the debtor and to invite him to download the document , even before the request to ask him to acknowledge receipt and to give his approval. Once the invoice is considered as being ok, the following question will be to know when the debtor expects to pay the claimed amount. 

Payment ok? 

If  debtor announces that he has already paid or does have the firm intention to do so, then he will be asked  to mark the date of  his payment in CollectingByWeb. The creditor from his side can be asked to confirm receipt of the amount on his bank account. In this case debtor will receive an email with thanks for his remittance. In case, however, of no payment received the debt manager of the creditor will automatically be requested to execute a

call task in CashflowByWeb. 

No reaction?

When there is no reaction at all on the side of the debtor, CollectingByWeb offers the possibility via flexible parameters to make another task which should be followed up. For example, the debt manager can give a phone call to the debtor. Thanks to this action, debt manager will have, in one eye glance, all historical data regarding the invoice as well as the list of all actions, undertaken up to the present day.  


CollectingByWeb assets

  • Psychological – CollectingByWeb functions as a neutral intermediary. There never will be a clash between commercial interests on one side, and appropriate recovery measures on the other side
  • Trust –  Experience told us, that debtors do consider working with CashflowByWeb as very innovative ; the intermediate “CollectingByWeb” link stays for a professional approach and results in a quicker and above all, full payment of the debt.
  • Flexible parameters you can diversify your debt management. All clients are different . With the various parameters, you can take account of the distinctive  payment habits of each of your clients.
  • Legal file If unfortunately, you are obliged to  hand out the debt for recovery, you will with a simple “click on the button”, dispose about a complete file to submit to a lawyer. All  correspondence, notes, reminders etc… have been assembled in a zip file. Thanks to the efficient and quick approach of CashflowByWeb, chances are getting bigger to obtain a successful legal recovery of the debt.
  • Conditions for Recovery A smooth as well as complete transit of the file to specialist debt recovery offices prevents from possible rustle during the process and will contribute to a speed up of the whole process. 

For more information and/or a quick online demonstration, click here.

We’ll be glad to help you so that your credit management process runs smoothly and simply.

Together we will select the ideal formula for you, adapted to your specific needs.

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