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Online Demonstration

Get to know CashflowByWeb in a simple way with no obligations. Fill out your company details and we’ll make an appointment with you for an online demonstration.

The short demonstration gives you a clear first impression into the workings of CashflowByWeb. You will see that the system is really simple to use.

On your request, we will subsequently arrange a personal appointment with you and one of our employees. The advantage of this is that you will already be familiar with the system. You already have an idea about CashflowByWeb.

This gives you the opportunity to think things over. During the personal appointment you can then ask targeted, specific questions, whereby you can quickly form an opinion on how CashflowByWeb can help you. This saves you time and effort.

Do it now!  Click here and request an online demonstration or for more information.

Demo day – practical considerations

On the day of the demo we will contact you at the pre-arranged time.

By clicking on the icon you get an ID and password giving you access to our server.

The demo starts. Via a few examples you have a virtual tour of the CashflowByWeb system.

Conditions online demonstration

Using the Delta Point OCS bvba demo session does not oblige you to anything. You yourself are responsible for starting the demo session. You can end a running demo session at any time, without us being able to interfere. The given session code is unique to every demo session and cannot be used twice by Delta Point OCS bvba in any manner. Delta Point OCS bvba cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage of whatever nature, originating from or in any way related to the use of the Delta Point OCS demo session. Eventual claims resulting from the demo session will not be accepted by Delta Point OCS.
By agreeing to the content of this page, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the conditions for the Delta Point OCS demo session and that you have no objections to starting the demo session as a following step.

Click on the icon to activate the demo session.



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