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Don’t be a banker to your debtors

Hence the following tips:

  • Bill directly upon delivery
  • Give your debtors clear payment due dates
  • For long-term orders request spread-out payment (for instance: x percent beforehand, a portion upon delivery and the remainder on the agreed due date)
  • State the payment conditions clearly on your invoice
  • Be alert, keep track of the payment behaviour of your debtors
  • Act sooner rather than later after the payment is overdue
  • Remain confident that your debtors will respect you for reminding them of overdue payment
  • Outsource your debtor control to a specialized external company; it will save you time and money and allow you to concentrate on your core activities
  • Define credit limits, and be strict about maintaining them

Know your debtors and their payment behaviour

Hence the following tips:

  • Ensure the payments of your debtors are processed daily
  • Don’t allow yourself to be tripped up by administration failures
  • Debtor control is a necessity
  • Inform yourself about the payment behaviour of your debtors
  • Draw the correct conclusions from their payment behaviour
  • React immediately when payment is overdue
  • Do not let any of your commercial employees contact debtors about outstanding payments
  • Take into account that dealing with debtors takes time and effort
  • Don’t forget that efficient debtor control is the key to your future success
  • If you are uncertain of a debtor, request a bank guarantee
  • Ask other suppliers about their experience with the debtors

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