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DELTA POINT OCS your partner in debt collection

The success of a business does not only rely only upon finding customers. It is just as important to know your customers and to trace their payment habits. If your credit control is not carried out correctly, then your company runs risks that should not be underestimated. There is a saying that "prevention is better than the cure”.

From experience, it appears that an adequate follow-up of debtors becomes increasingly necessary to keep a company financially healthy.

Delta Point OCS has developed an innovative and unique online credit management system which is based upon user-friendliness and where the wishes of our customers are at the focal point. This appears from the considerable parameterisation inherent to the developed system.

Delta Point OCS is an innovator and a dynamic company that is committed to further innovation and to differentiate itself from competitors.

Delta Point OCS stands for transparency and professionalism and works with a long-term vision with regard to its customers.

Delta Point OCS’s mission is to optimise the direct and indirect costs of your company to help you realise a better cashflow and to enhance the financial health of your company.

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We ’ll be glad to help you so that your credit management process runs smoothly and simply.

Together we will select the ideal formula for you, adapted to your specific needs.

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