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Should a debtor, despite all previous measures, still refuse to pay, then Delta Point OCS will take the matter further.

In order to act quickly and efficiently, an attorney requires all the available details about the outstanding invoice(s). In addition, most judges require proof that all the necessary steps have been undertaken to settle the case out of court.

During the whole process, "CashflowByWeb" has built up the entire case history, which forms the basis of the legal file that can be handed over to an attorney.

If you would like, Delta Point OCS can assist in the legal follow-up.

Delta Point OCS works with various law firms specialised in claims for outstanding payments.

For more information and/or a quick online demonstration, click here.

We’ll be glad to help you so that your credit management process runs smoothly and simply.

Together we will select the ideal formula for you, adapted to your specific needs.



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