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“However you look at it, CashflowByWeb is the system of the future”

Patrick De Boom is credit controller with the LXE holding company. LXE Inc. develops, supplies and maintains robust wireless computers and data collection solutions for applications in the entire supply chain. He daily deals with financial company processes and reports directly to the parent company in the United States. His approach and vision are also involved in the determination of authorised credit limits, and in elaborating procedures to be observed by the group. Read more


“Some customers wait for a payment reminder to pay”

Kabost is the exclusive distributor and promoter in Belgium of Atomic High Energy and now also Salitos, a flavoured beer with low alcohol content. Since 2007 Kabost works with the CashflowByWeb application from Delta Point OCS for debtor follow-up. This application makes it possible to communicate in a structured way by internet about customer payment practices. Read more


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