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Unique for service companies who deal with credit/debt management

CashflowByWeb is a software platform for credit/debt Management, which operates

100 % via the Internet. This unique, web based system gives the opportunity to the creditor to make sure that the debtor has received the invoice as well that he will accept and approve its contents. Further on, focus will be put on getting in time, payment of all outstanding invoices, on a regular basis, even after expiry of the due date.  

CashflowByWeb helps companies to reduce their DSO (Days Sales Outstanding, which means the course of time that debts are still outstanding), in a structured and customer friendly way. The solution offered by the CashflowByWeb software, distinguishes itself from any other standard method. Indeed, the debt/credit manager (service company) will communicate in an innovative and interactive way, in the name of the creditor.  


It produces an amazing result! 

Quite a lot of companies have installed, in their organisation, a risk management system, to be used as preparatory process in order to start a relationship with the debtor. Very often, this is supported by a credit insurance protection. This credit management process takes place internally, in the financial /administrative department of the company, or, externally, via specialised service companies. However, in order to be able to follow up outstanding debts in a day to day operational way,  there is now an ever increasing tendency to outsource this task to specialised credit/debt managers.  

CashflowByWeb is started up professionally and can easily be adapted to any possible changes occurring within the creditor’s organisation.

Specific  service companies are:

  • Administrative Departments of large organisations
  • Banks
  • Business Process Outsourcing companies (BPO)
  • Business Support Centres
  • Call centres
  • Credit Management
  • Factoring
  • Fiduciaries, accounting and other management companies
  • Incubation and Innovation centres
  • Interest groups
  • Real Estate Managers and Building societies
  • Secretarial services

Fully secured web-driven

As  CashflowByWeb is 100 % web-driven, operational credit/debt managers (internal and/or external) ,creditors, as well as their debtors, are connected with each other by means of an online platform, irrespective of the geographical location of each party involved.

Creditors do not need to invest in specific hard- and/or software, nor to worry about the installation of updates and/or upgrade. One  browser is sufficient. The platform is hosted externally; during the whole management process, the service company presents itself  naturally under its own corporate branding or the one from the beneficiary. 

CashflowByWeb: The solution for specialised service companies!

CashflowByWeb has been conceived with the purpose to increase the efficiency and transparency of the operational process. You will differentiate yourself immediately from all other service companies. Thanks to the automatic actions, CashflowByWeb can work in a very smooth way, without creating additional charges to your staff. Debtors are being approached in a discrete, personal and customer friendly way. 

CashflowByWeb works on 3 levels “Users”:

  • The operational Credit /Debt Manager ( the service company )
  • The Creditor
  • The Debtor

The service company can operate on behalf of an unlimited numbers of creditors and debtors.  This multi-user set-up makes it possible to operate  out from different geographical locations. At this moment, users can communicate in various languages. Supplementary languages can easily be inserted upon request. 


  • Company as well as personal data + remaining parameters are set up and are automatically available on each of the three above mentioned levels
  • Generation, coordination and documentation for the follow up of e-mails, correspondence and communication by phone
  • Automatic generation and sending of reminders
  • Coordination between automatic and manual actions
  • Centralised management and reproduction  of all the debtor’s documents  (confirmation  of mandate, delivery notes, orders, invoices, e-mails, etc… )
  • Centralised management and reproduction  of all communication during the collection process
  • Wizard-based handling of the debtor’s reactions in order to avoid unnecessary waiting times


For more information and/or a quick online demonstration, click here.

We’ll be glad to help you so that your credit management process runs smoothly and simply.

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