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To ensure that we can always be of the best service to you, we have developed two formulas: one is the use of “CashflowByWeb” and the other is “CashflowByWeb” coupled with service.


“CashflowByWeb” – your software for credit control

You completely perform your credit management yourself

Thanks to “CashflowByWeb” everything happens automatically, smoothly and quickly. The look & feel is custom made to reflect your company’s branding by using your logo and digital writing paper.

“CashflowByWeb” with service provision

Service – professional, customer-friendly and polite

In addition to our software package you can also make use of our services. This includes us taking up telephone contact with your debtors.

The great advantage of a well-prepared and professional telephonic conversation is the speed and directness it entails. We ask questions and we get answers.

Delta Point OCS will also report any remarks or objections of your debtors and act as a mediator if necessary. Sometimes your customers might not report certain problems directly to you. Delta Point OCS acts as an independent, third party, whereby your customers can outline their problems in confidence. Of course, this occurs in a polite and customer-friendly manner.

Your branding (Private Label) or ours (Delta Point OCS)

You have the choice of integrating everything into your own company branding or performing your credit management under the flag of Delta Point OCS.

If you choose to communicate everything in your branding, then we act in your name.This comes across as being very professional and involved. The customer realises that you take your company affairs seriously. You make a very strong, assertive impression without being aggressive, and without your customer knowing that Delta Point OCS delivers the service.

If you choose to perform your credit management openly via Delta Point OCS, then your customers see that a third, alert party is involved. The customer is on his guard, as it is no longer his word against yours.

For more information and/or a quick online demonstration, click here.

We’ll be glad to help you so that your credit management process runs smoothly and simply.

Together we will select the ideal formula for you, adapted to your specific needs.



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